Glossary – Auto Regulations:
ATF = Authorised Treatment Facility.
VM = Vehicle Manufacturer.
IVA = Individual Vehicle Approval.
NSSTA = National Small Series Type Approval.
WVTA = Whole Vehicle Type Approval.
ELV = End of Life Vehicle.
E.P.A. = Environmental Protection Authority.
NSAI = National Standards Authority of Ireland.
JAMA = Japanese Automotive Manufacturer Association.
KAMA = Korean Automotive Manufacturer Association.
ACEA = European Automobile Manufacturers Association.
COP = Conformity of Production.
EOS = End of Series.
COC = Certificate of Conformity.
COD = Certificate of Destruction.
E.U. = European Union.
VCA = Vehicle Certification Authority.
NCT = National Car Test.
SIMI = Society of the Irish Motor Industry.
RSA = Road Safety Authority.
NVDF = National Vehicle Driver File.
WEEE = Waste Electric Electronic Equipment.
ATC = Authoritised Test Centre.
HSE = Health & Safety Authority.
DD1 = Disabled Driver Scheme.
VRT = Vehicle Registration Tax.
CVRT = Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing.
PRI = Producer Responsibility Initiative.
VRC = Vehicle Registration Certificate.
Sipes = Cuts in Tyre Blocks to improve grip (wet & dry).
NVH = Noise, Vibration & Harshness.
SOC = Substance of Concern.
MSDS = Material Safety Data Sheets.
Hazmat = Hazardous Materials.
CGVW = Combine Gross Vehicle Weight.
TDC = Top Dead Centre.
ABS = Anti-lock Brake System.
RPM = Revs Per Minute.
TAD = Trust Axial Deviation.
NCAP = New Car Assessment Program.
CARS (#) = Competitive Automotive Regulatory System (21 & 2020).
HC = Hydrocarbons (un-burned fuel).
NOX = Nitrogen of Oxide.
Co2 = Carbon Monoxide.
Particulates = Soot (diesel).
Backfire = Untimely Blow back via Air filter.
After fire = Untimely Blow out the rear exhaust.
IP = Instrument Panel.
Pinging = Pre-ignition.
Ron = Registered Octane Number.
LPG = Liquid Petroleum Gas.
Ceatane Number = Measurement of Ignition Quality of Diesel Fuel.
Octane Number = Measurement of Ignition Quality of Petrol Fuel.