Self-Declaration to the Road Safety Authority A legal requirement for all HCV operators

Operators of Heavy Commercial Vehicles are required by law to make an online ‘Self-Declaration’ to the Road Safety Authority (RSA) every year in relation to their heavy goods vehicles, goods trailers, buses and ambulances. Operators need to register online for a CVRT Online Account in order to complete and submit their Operator Self-Declaration.

The person or business that normally operates, or is in possession of the vehicle, is responsible for making the ‘Self-Declaration’ – this does not have to be the registered owner of the vehicle. This is because the operator is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance procedures and checks in place for the vehicle.
If you or your business operates one or more vehicles belonging to any one of the following four vehicle classes, you must make a ‘Self-Declaration’ to the RSA in relation to those vehicles:

1. Goods-carrying vehicles that have a design gross weight over 3,500 kilograms
2. Passenger-carrying vehicles with more than eight seats, excluding the driver’s seat
3. Goods trailers that have a design gross weight over 3,500 kilograms
4. Ambulances

To submit a ‘Self-Declaration’, you need to register with the RSA online at (the RSA website for Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing). You will then have access to your ‘CVRT Online Account’.

With your ‘CVRT Online Account’, you can also access a number of convenient online benefits, including the following:
·         view your vehicle information including:
–      test reports
–      pass statements
–      roadside/premises inspection reports
–      CRW details
·         receive alerts and reminders about your vehicles
·         book commercial vehicle tests
·         apply for ADR certificates and replacement CRWs
·         upload additional vehicle documentation (that can be accessed for vehicle testing and reduce the need for paperwork at test time)
·         add or remove vehicles from your ‘CVRT Online Account’
·         submit your Operator Self-Declaration

There is no charge to register for your ‘CVRT Online Account’ and to submit your ‘Self-Declaration’, and the RSA can assist you if you need any help with the process. Visit today, to declare online and learn more about your responsibilities if operating Heavy Commercial Vehicles.

Operator Self-Declaration allows the RSA to develop a better understanding of the practices and procedures in place for commercial vehicles. The main objective is to improve the safety and roadworthiness of commercial vehicles on our roads, and to further development the Authority’s strategy to target enforcement of road safety rules and regulations where there is most risk. The intention is to support and work together with compliant operators whilst continuing to target enforcement mainly at those who do not comply and are most likely to be high-risk operators.

Remember! If you are a Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) operator, the law says you must make an online ‘Self-Declaration’ to the RSA in relation to the HCVs you operate. The requirement for Self-Declaration to the RSA was introduced by legislation through Statutory Instrument No. 348 of 2013 – Road Safety Authority (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness) (Vehicle Maintenance and Repair) Regulations 2013 and Section 30(3) and 30(4)(e) of the Road Safety Authority (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness) Act 2012.

For more information or assistance regarding Operator Self-Declaration to the RSA, contact the CVRT Helpdesk.

Locall: 1890 927 218
Phone: 091 480 981