Dundalk Test Centre cleared over Navan bus crash

The test centre charged in connection with the Navan bus crash has been acquitted on all counts against it.

McArdles Test Centre Ltd of Dundalk had been charged with failing to note that the ABS warning light on the bus wasn’t operational, while conducting a vehicle test on the 15th of March 2005.

Judge Pat McCartan withdrew the case against McArdles from the jury this afternoon.

He directed that verdicts of not guilty be recorded.

Director of the test centre, Joe McArdle had pleaded not guilty to the two charges arising out the of investigation into the bus crash in may 2005, in which five teenage schoolgirls were killed

A second company, Keltank Limited of balbriggan which faced two charges initially, pleaded guilty on day four of the trial to failing to ascertain whether a hazard arose as a consequence of the ABS sensor leads being disconnected before returning the bus to the driver on the 5th of May 2005.

A date for sentencing in the Keltank case will be set tomorrow.

Bus Eireann and Meath County Council have already pleaded guilty to offences arising from the crash on the Navan to Kentstown road.

Article by independent.ie