Countdown to CLP compliance

By 1st June 2015 all hazardous mixtures placed on the market will need to be classified, labelled and packaged in accordance with the CLP Regulation.

The Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation introduced in 2008, provided transitional deadlines to allow for the change over from both the Dangerous Substances Directive (67/548/EC) and the Dangerous Preparations Directive (1999/45/EC).

All substances and mixtures must be classified, labelled and packaged in accordance with CLP by 1st June 2015. There is a derogation for mixtures  already placed on the market on 1st June 2015 with DPD labels in that they do not have to relabelled or repackaged in accordance with CLP until 1st June 2017.

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CLP full implementation arrives – 1st June 2015

The full implementation of the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on the 1st June 2015 heralds a new beginning for global hazard communication for chemicals. From this date, the Irish Statutory Instruments which transposed the Dangerous Substances Directive 67/548/EEC and Dangerous Preparations Directive 1999/45/EC into Ireland have been revoked through the CPL ( Revocation) Regulations 2015S.I No 196 of 2015 ).  While CLP is  a ‘direct acting’ Regulation within the EU,  it still requires enforcement and administrative provisions and these are set out in the Chemicals (Amendment) Act 2010.

Even though the laws transposing the DPD have been revoked in Ireland and can no longer be used, it will still be possible to see chemical products with DPD labels until 2017 due to a derogation  set out in CLP, which means that mixtures labelled under DPD and already placed on the market on 1st June 2015 do not have to be relabelled and repackaged in accordance with CLP until 1st June 2017.

ECHA publish five new CLP FAQs

The national CLP helpdesks, ECHA and the Commission have agreed on five new CLP FAQs which have recently been published on ECHA’s website. They are with the unique IDs 1049, 1050, 1051, 1052, and 1053. These FAQs touch upon harmonised classification and labelling requirements, mixture classification, CLP pictogram requirements, and the classification, labelling and packaging requirements for biocidal products.

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New ATP to CLP Published: The European Commission published on 5th December 2014 an amendment to CLP (EC) No 1297/2014 to impose further requirements on industry relating to consumer liquid laundry detergent in soluble packaging.

ECHA webinar on Mixture Classification held by ECHA was recorded. The recording and presentations are available.

ECHA publish list of EU language requirements for labels and SDSs. It is available on their website at the following link

Mixture classification in practice : Following two successful CLP workshops in association with NISO on the classification of mixtures, we have complied an extract of the content explaining how to classify and label a mixture in compliance with CLP including worked examples for some health hazards. It is available at the following link

Health and Safety Timesarticle about the CLP awareness raising campaign.

ECHA publish new poster and leaflet on CLP 2015 Act Now campaign.

European Commission hosted a workshop on the safe use of chemicals by SMEs on 16th September. It was recorded and is available to view at the following link.

Support and Guidance

The HSA operates a Chemicals Helpdesk to assist Irish companies with their obligations under CLP, as well as various other chemical legislation. The Helpdesk can be contacted by emailing or by calling 1890 289 389.The Helpdesk published a quarterly CLP 2015 Act Now E bulletin, providing the latest news and information to stakeholders.

The European Chemicals Agency have a webpages designed to help SMEs classify mixtures. It is available at the following link:

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