Timescale of upcoming enforcement dates concerning various Directives & Regulations:

Upcoming Changes to EC Directives or Regulations with effect on Registration / Entry into Service:
In order for motor vehicles to enter into service in Ireland, they must meet with the type approval requirements of various EC Directives and EC Regulations relating to their construction. Many of these regulatory acts contain mandatory dates by which vehicles must be registered or put into service before approvals lose their validity. The table below lists regulatory acts which contain mandatory entry into service dates for motor vehicles.

Please note that this content is for information purposes only. It does not purport to set out all legal obligations relating to the entry into service of motor vehicles and their systems, components and separate technical units. It is not, nor should it be treated as, a definitive or legal interpretation of the applicable law and its requirements.

Vehicles which conformed to mandatory type approval requirements at the time of their construction but which were not registered or put into service before the type-approval in question lost its validity may be eligible for an extended period for registration by way of an end of series derogation. For details on how to apply for an end of series derogation, please click on the following link;