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Governance (Motor Industry):
Governance refers to all processes of governing, whether undertaken by the European Union, Irish Government, Irish Authorities or the controlling Authorities in the Member States where the vehicle, trailer will be placed / operated.
If we take a closer look at “Waste Management” for example – listed below are only some Waste Streams generated in a normal operation within the Motor Industry.
NOTE: The below are only a sample and NOT an exhaustive listing of waste streams **
Waste Management:
Strict guidelines regarding the treatment and disposal of waste streams which are generated from the Motor Industry are governed by European, National and Local Regulations.
** Waste Streams such as Used Oil, Filters, Fluids – (Brake, Steering, ATF, Petrol & Diesel), Contaminated Rags, Glass, Tyres, Batteries, A/C Gas, Replacement Parts, Paint, Aerosol Containers, SRS Components. The Storage & Transportation of ALL above items.

Governing Authorities:

  • End of Life Vehicle Directive (ELV).
  • Packaging Regulations – Parts Packaging.
  • Labelling Regulations – C02 Label / Tyre Label.
  • Emission Regulations – F-Gas Regulation.
  • ADR Regulations – Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea/Road & Air.
  • VOC Regulations – Volatile Organic Compounds > Paint Directive.

Irish / National &Local Authorities:

  • EPA/DOE – Producer Responsibility Initiative (PRI).
  • WEEE Ireland – Battery Regulations.
  • EPA / RSA – Emission Regulations, F-Gas Regulation.
  • DOE/EPA & Local Authorities – ELV Regulation.
  • EPA/ DOE & Local Authorities – Landfill Regulations.
  • DOE/EPA & Local Authorities – Planning/Building Regulations.
  • DOE/EPA & Local Authorities – Hazmat & REACH Regulations.
  • DOE /EPA & Local Authorities – VOC Regulations.

The main areas relating to Governance are outlined below and we explore these in greater detail within this Section.

  • European: E.U. Directives / Regulations.
  • National:
  • Local / Regional:
  • Base Manufacturer:
  • Multi-Stage Holder/Manufacturer: