About Us

Auto Regulations is a division of Automotive Publications Ltd. This unique consultancy is home to the best professional expertise in relation to ever changing regulations that govern the Irish auto industry. Auto Regulations works with clients to achieve the proper interpretation and implementation of regulations. This is essential for enhancing the viability and prosperity of any organization.

Auto Regulations is a consultancy that offers Governmental agencies, corporate entities, other businesses and individuals various services in relation to Legislation, Governance, Compliance, Vehicle Homologation and other important auto industry related regulations.

The establishment and development of proper policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation is the responsibility of senior management and owners of any organization. Auto Regulations as a unique consultancy service, understands what is required and provides clients with the knowledge and mechanisms required to be fully compliant in every way.

The framework of requirements and practices by which business owners and senior management ensures compliance, accountability, transparency in relation to their customers, management, employees, government, and the regulatory authorities.

The governance framework not only provides the knowledge, the systems, but it outlines responsibilities, but also rights, and the rewards for proper practices.

Procedures, proper supervision, duties of control, prescribed roles, information-flow etc. serve a checks-and-balances system, to deliver good corporation governance in relation to auto regulations.

Jim Mulholland,
Senior Consultant.