Millbrook Hosts House of Lords Committee to Demonstrate Vehicle Testing Facilities

Millbrook Group was delighted to host a number of peers from the House of Lords on 9th June. The visit was designed to showcase the facilities and to demonstrate how vehicles are tested to establish compliance with EU regulations.

The members of the House of Lords were from the EU Internal Market Sub-Committee and visited Millbrook as part of an examination of an EU proposal to change the way vehicle emissions are tested. A site tour included viewing Millbrook’s Powertrain department, which is responsible for emissions testing and is undergoing a number of investment projects.

As part of the visit, the peers were also shown the on-site crash test facilities, where Millbrook conducts a range of testing procedures in line with EU regulations, among others.

Alex Burns, CEO of Millbrook Group, who hosted the visit said: “It says a lot about the facilities we have at Millbrook, and the expertise of our team, that members from the House of Lords want to visit the site while considering EU proposals. We are perfectly placed to demonstrate how EU regulations have an impact on vehicle testing, as well as being in a strong position to keep up with, and ahead of, any proposed changes.”

Having seen Millbrook’s facilities, the members of the Sub-Committee visited a the Transport Systems Catapult in Milton Keynes to consider the technological and regulatory challenges of driverless cars.


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