End of Series (EOS)

DID YOU KNOW -“You can only apply for an end of series derogation for a vehicle which has held a valid COC for three months prior to the date of the new regulation coming into force”

What is an end-of-series vehicle:

In order for a vehicle to be registered in Ireland it must meet certain standards and regulations – this is known as vehicle type approval.

Some vehicles may have conformed to all the relevant standards at the time they were built but due to the passage of time and changes to standards and regulations they may now not meet all of the current requirements to allow them to become registered – these vehicles are called end-of-series vehicles.

You can view a list of upcoming EC Directives and EC Regulations which contain mandatory entry into service dates for motor vehicles at the following table of upcoming Directives/Regulations.

End of series exemption scheme:

This scheme allows vehicle manufacturers and distributors to apply for a set period of additional time (12 months for complete vehicles and 18 months for completed (multistage) vehicles) to register and sell end of series vehicles by granting exemptions from some of the latest changes to directives/regulations.

The additional time begins on the date on which the changes were brought into law – or in other words the date the vehicle lost its type approval validity.

It is not related to the date an application for exemption is received or granted by the RSA.

Applications can only be made on the basis that the vehicles have had a valid type approval certificate which had been issued on or after the date of manufacture and which remained valid for at least three months after its date of issue but subsequently lost its validity because of the coming into force of the new regulation.  Therefore, in order for a vehicle to qualify for an end of series exemption, the date of issue on the COC must be 3 months or older.

Exemptions can be granted for;

How to apply:

1. Download the relevant application form and the excel template

2. Complete the application form in full – incomplete applications will not be processed

3. Applications can be sent in either electronically or by post
4. The Excel Spreadsheet must be emailed in to  vehiclestandards@rsa.ie

The postal address is as follows;

Vehicle Standards
Road Safety Authority
Moy Valley Business Park
Primrose Hill