End of Life Vehicles Disposal

Enforcement of the End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Regulations is primarily a matter for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local authorities. However, as part of the Producer Responsibility Initiative (PRI) Review, my Department published a report on the ELV system in November 2013. The report concluded that the Irish ELV system is not performing to the optimum level and outlined the need for comprehensive structural change. The key recommendations of the report included: The establishment of a compliance scheme for the ELV PRI, and an increased enforcement focus by local authorities on unauthorised ELV sites.
The report also contained several further recommendations concerning technical aspects of the current system, simplification of reporting requirements and enhanced enforcement and awareness raising measures.
An ELV Working Group was established in June 2014 comprising industry, local authorities and other regulatory bodies to assist my Department in implementing the recommendations of the report. Arising from the Group’s work, a compliance scheme for the sector, End-of-Life Vehicle Environmental Services (ELVES) Ltd., has recently been established, comprising “producers” in the sector. As recommended in the ELV report, local authorities and the compliance scheme should collaborate to improve the identification of non-compliant businesses. In conjunction with establishment of this scheme, it is my Department’s intention to overhaul the existing Certificate of Destruction (CoD) system and I am confident that the measures which I expect to be announced in the near future will assist in combatting illegal activity in the sector.
My Department has also been engaged with the local government sector to introduce a number of reforms as to how waste legislation is enforced in Ireland. A core objective in so doing is to bring a greater consistency of approach to the application of waste legislation and its enforcement at local, regional and national levels. To this end, my Department has recommended the establishment of a lead enforcement authority in each of the three waste management planning regions. Each of these new Lead Regional Waste Enforcement Authorities would have responsibility for co-ordinating waste enforcement actions within regions, setting priorities and common objectives, ensuring consistent enforcement of waste legislation across the three regions, while still leaving local authority personnel as first responders on the ground to address specific breaches of waste legislation. These proposals are currently being considered with a view to an enhanced system of waste enforcement being introduced later this year.
The establishment of these lead enforcement authorities will allow for co-ordinated, specific action on particular waste streams such as ELVs.
The enforcement of road traffic legislation is a matter for my colleague, the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport.

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