Rural Transport Programme

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport provides funding and policy framework for the Rural Transport Programme (RTP) through the National Transport Authority(link is external) (NTA).

The NTA was given national responsibility for integrated local and rural transport, including managing the RTP – and its restructuring – with effect from 1st April 2012.  This new role for the NTA, coupled with its existing national remit for securing the provision of public passenger transport services, enables the development of better links between local/rural transport, and scheduled bus/rail services.

The new RTP delivery model offers a structure to facilitate the integration of local and rural transport services. The Transport Co-ordination Units (TCUs) will have a key role in embedding integration within transport services planning. They will also have a role in two other rural transport initiatives: the Community Car Scheme and the proposed local area hackney licence.

For the first time local authorities will have a role in transport planning as they will prepare annual transport plans for their areas, in consultation with the respective TCU.

The services offered by the RTP are included in the National Journey Planner which can be accessed atTransport for Ireland.(link is external)

More information about the structure and future plans for the RTP is available on the NTA website(link is external).