Carbon Calculators

January 2015 Update: Critical Technical Issues with Carbon Calculators

Following an update of the software, the EPA is seeking to replace these tools with more current standardised tools. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Details regarding the introduction of the new tools will be available before the end of the year.

Personal carbon calculator

The Calculator is the easy way for you to  estimate how much carbon dioxide (CO2) you emit annually. The Calculator will also highlight which areas of your lifestyle have the greatest effect on climate change and will provide you with advice on what steps you can take to reduce your carbon count.

We can all play an important role in tackling climate change. Using the Calculator to help reduce our carbon count number is an easy way to take responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions we create every time we heat our homes, drive our cars, take a flight, charge our mobile phones or turn on our computers.

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Carbon calculator for businesses

The Carbon Management Tool (CMT) is a free online service designed to help your business reduce its carbon emissions.  Play your part in tackling climate change! Learn how to reduce your impact on the environment, increase your green credentials and save money on energy and resources.
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Public Sector Reporting Requirements

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Under External linkS.I. 542 of 2009 the public sector, as defined in the legislation, has specific energy reporting obligations. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is the nominated authority to collect this data.

In 2011, public bodies must;
– if applicable, include an energy efficiency statement in their organisations Annual Reports,  in a format specified by the SEAI
– report their energy consumption and related data when requested to do so by the SEAI

SEAI has commenced a project to develop an online system for public sector energy reporting.  This system will streamline the submission of data and reduce the energy reporting burden on public sector bodies.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a key stakeholder in this project.  Both agencies are committed to minimising the reporting burden on public bodies and to working together to achieve this.  In particular, Local Authorities are required to report their annual carbon emissions as part of their annual Service Indicators Report to the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government using the Carbon Management Tool. The EPA is responsible for managing the carbon calculators. SEAI’s energy monitoring and reporting system will link to, and insofar as is possible, will integrate with, other existing reporting systems, including the Carbon Management Tool.

More information on the public sector energy reporting obligations and project can be found at; External link
The Carbon Management Tool can be accessed at;

Useful  contacts: Carbon Calculators:
SEAI public sector programme:

Background Information on

The campaign originally started in April 2007, and was run by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government. The campaign involved the development of carbon calculators for individuals and businessses, and a public awareness campaign promoting their use. In November 2009, responsibility for the hosting and support of these calculators was passed to the EPA. Additional educational and awareness information about the Change campaign, carbon emissions and climate change can be found on The Library Council’s website at:

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