Volkswagen Says Recall Will Be Limited to Older Diesel Engines

Volkswagen AG said its current-generation diesel engine doesn’t have software designed to cheat on emissions tests, meaning its global recall of as many as 11 million cars won’t need to be even bigger.
Diesel cars with EA 288 motors meet legal and environmental requirements, the Wolfsburg, Germany-based company said Thursday in an e-mailed statement. The EA 288 replaced the EA 189 class of engines implicated in the emissions scandal.
Volkswagen had said earlier Thursday that it was examining whether other diesel engines have software that cheated emissions tests by turning on full pollution filters only when cars were being tested. The company is recalling 8.5 million vehicles in Europe alone, potentially one of the most complex and costly fixes in automotive history.
“After a thorough review it is now clear” that the offending software isn’t installed in vehicles with EA 288 motors built under previous Euro-5 standards, Volkswagen said. The carmaker has consistently said its latest, Euro-6 diesel engine complies with European regulations.

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