Substances subject to Authorisation -what you need to know?

It is an offence to use or place on the market a substance subject to authorisation (REACH Annex XIV) once the sunset date has passed, unless an application has been made before the latest application date or an authorisation has been granted. Applicants can still make an application for a substance subject to
authorisation after the latest application date, however, if they don’t receive an approval by the time the sunset date arrives they must stop using and/or placing the substance on the market until such time as an authorisation has been granted. Downstream users of their supplier’s authorisation must inform ECHA within three months of being first supplied the substance. Once approval has been granted, the number relating to that substance authorisation must be included on the label and the SDS updated.

If you are making an application to ECHA to use a substance subject to authorisation, it is now mandatory to fill in a summary table of your risk management measures and operational conditions. Further information available at

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